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October 5

A special event called the The ZooKids feast took place in the OrgaNice Center in Nizhny Novgorod on October 5th. Qualified participants and parents with children – more than a hundred guests in all – were involved in the celebration. Nizhny Novgorod distributors Tatyana Neupokoeva and Andrej Schipcov introduced the company, a legendary product for kids, and the OrgaNice programs. A friendly open tone, clear information, and warm support from the audience made even the most skeptical ones change their minds about the company's offer.

Meanwhile, the reception area was filled with noise and joy as the celebration for kids went on there. Make-up artists masterfully painted smiling faces, turning the kids into ZooKids characters; children also made and colored their favorite animals from modelling clay, wore masks and enjoyed the “sweet buffet”. A nice sketch that told the story about sad forest inhabitants who gathered into a zoo under the leadership of a kind Dog – a friend of the Missia Foundation – put on by the children themselves was the icing on the cake. The audience burst into applause. 

As they say, the celebration went down like a storm! People talked, shared emotions and no one wanted to leave. Each kid got ZooKids and Missia balloons as a small gift, and everyone had lots of positive vibrations and an unforgettable experience!

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