Now all 6 vitamin complexes for kids in one

The Junior Hit product line of vitamin and mineral sets for kids is coming out with a brand new image! Now even more bright and bouncy! The image is new, the benefit is the same.

Premiere - September 1. Every parent wants their child to be healthy—and smart and strong. Parents want their kids to have a strong immune system, sharp wits, a good mood and strong bones, and for the kid to be energetic and happy.

It is extremely difficult to look after an active child and provide the growing body with all the nutrients required for proper development. But it is possible! Junior Hit vitamin and mineral sets were created specially for healthy growth, proper mental and physical development and the good mood of your child. Six sets that embrace different aspects of a child’s health are banded with one aim – to give children everything they need to protect the body, strengthen immunity, and improve memory, sleep and general well-being.

These food supplements are not only good for health, but are also very delicious – with chocolate, raspberry, caramel, orange and strawberry flavors. Kids will love them! For them to be not just healthy and tasty, but interesting and fun, each set is represented by an animal – a symbol illustrating its main qualities.

Junior Hit kit is a cheerful and healthy benefit for the body!

Junior Hit — for a healthy child growth!