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Oh, Greece! The dream of my heart!
You are a gentle fairy-tale…
Sergey Yesenin

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Country: Hellenic Republic
Capital: Athens, the most ancient country capital in Europe
Official language: Greek. Thousands of words in numerous languages have their origin in Greek
Major cities: Athens, Thessaloniki, Piraeus
Form of government: the parliamentary republic
President: Dr. Karolos Papoulias, the 16th President of Greece, assumed office on March 12, 2005. On February 3, 2010 he was re-elected by the Parliament for the second presidential term
Religion: Orthodox Christian faith
Population: 11,309,885, 49.49% males, 50.51% females (according to the Eurostat estimate as of January 1, 2010.)
Currency: euro that replaced the most ancient currency in Europe, drachma

The modern Greece is the heir to the ancient Greek culture. To the culture that is considered the cradle of the Western civilization, the birthplace of democracy and the Western philosophy, of the main tenets of physics and mathematics, of the modern Olympic games. The Greek language is one with the longest history of all languages in the Indo-European group and its age in the written language period alone is 34 centuries. The Greek alphabet gave birth to the Latin and Cyrillic scripts. No other country can boast such rich cultural heritage and this, combined with the geographic position, makes Greece one of the most visited countries in the world.

Its diversity amazes. It can be seen in everything – from historic monuments up to landscapes. Thanks to its geographic extent the nature of Greece is surprisingly varied – from areas resembling the Hawaiian Islands up to "Swiss" mountain villages and ski resorts with snow up to one's knees. History here literally interlaces with modernity – everywhere monuments and cultural heritage sites can be found side by side with most modern buildings and edifices. And church still remains the spiritual and cultural core of life for the Orthodox Greeks. If you want to find an exact location in Greece, all you need to know, in addition to the general address, is the nearest temple – and you will never err.

As recently as in the '60s of the last century Greece was not as popular with foreign tourists as now. Then it did not meet the expectations of fastidious Europeans. But even in those years people coming to Greece noted the abundance of fresh produce – vegetables, fruit, fish, and their really nominal prices.

In his letter to Alan Thomas Lawrence Durrell wrote: "On Corfu an excellent local wine is sold. By its taste and appearance it mostly resembles frozen blood. The wine is just 6 drachmas a bottle. What more can you wish? In England you will not be able to buy even a bottle of horse piss for that money. Yesterday we dined royal style on red mullet – the food of veritable Epicureans! – and the dinner was just 20 drachmas."

Greece still has all those virtues, despite a lot of difficulties that the country faced. It has managed that, probably, thanks to its "inner" patriarchal character, possibly, due to the rational way of thinking or, most likely, because it does not resemble anything in anything – it has its own way in everything. While the whole world calls the country Greece and its people - Greeks, they, despite all "international standards", still refer to themselves as Hellenes, just as in ancient times, and to their country – as Hellas. Such instances are very many, and it is so because each Greek feels the continuity of the country's ancient and great history.

These days Greece is one of the most popular and safe tourist destinations: in the last 20 years the tourist infrastructure there has developed greatly. What is even more – thanks to modern technologies and fine services the life in villages is practically no different from that in cities – maybe, aside from the more sedate tempo. People there are very hospitable, cordial and easy to deal with.

And this Southern cordiality and hospitality will capture all distributors for Vision during Vision Voyage 2013.

And once having captured you, the beautiful Greece will never let you go.