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About the Country

In Mexico prosperity and poverty, natural splendour and cities destroying it have intertwined closely

The territory of Mexico is in the "fire ring" of one among the most threatening volcanic and earthquake areas. And just like that, the country's history also encircled by civil conflicts, invasions and wars, struggle for independence is the melting pot in which the customs and traditions have peculiarly mixed of indigenous peoples and of the Europeans, the Spanish colonizers giving birth to the unique hybrid – the Mexican culture.

Born as the "country of contrasts" Mexico remains such up to now. Being one of the world leading oil-producing nations (the sixth position, according to the latest estimates), having substantial deposits of minerals and precious metals, the country, unfortunately, cannot be classified as greatly developed. Gigantic, ultramodern multimillion cities resembling ant-hills sit side by side with poor shanties, the wide open southern hospitality goes together with the high crime rate. Surely, only holding off with its policies the influence of its powerful neighbor, the United States, Mexico succeeded in creating its own "economic miracle". In the last 40 years hard-working Mexicans managed to really develop the non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy, chemical industry, machine-building. They managed to sustain their agriculture, growing export cotton, coffee, as well as sugar cane, corn, kidney beans, sorghum, wheat. Mexico even has its own merchant marine, including tankers. But anyway, right now the constraints are only partial and the economy of Mexico, due to the money transferred to the country by its emigres working in the US, depends a lot on the economic performance of its neighbor.

The tumultous southern temperament and militant past of the country could not help affecting its development. It was pretty regularly shaken by political crises and conflicts – in the 20th century alone it had 5 revolutions and popular uprisings altogether the latest of which, sometimes dubbed the "Cactus Revolution", was attempted in 2006 in connection with the Presidential election results. Still, each new country leader and his government tried to maintain stability and provide for the economic growth and most of them succeeded. This is testified to by the fact that right now Mexico holds the second position by its GDP per capita figures among the Latin American countries, yielding only to Brazil.

But in addition to its impressive achievements in economy and politics Mexico is also a veritable treasure trove of various flora and fauna. And if you are a nature lover, it is only there that you will be able to see such diverse and captivating mosaic of environmental systems. You will be amazed by the biodiversity and visiting most national parks and conservation areas you will witness it with your own eyes. Visiting the Gulf of California in Mexico you will watch whales in their natural habitat and that impresses one greatly. In winter there are millions of Chrysiridia rhipheus, sometimes called Royal Butterflies who fly there escaping cold seasons in other areas of the planet.

Only there one can encounter practically every specie of marine turtles who like Mexican beaches. And this is quite understandable, since tropical forests smoothly streaming down from the South to the blue water of ocean-shore areas and the Gulf of Mexico give their place to white sands of most famous Mexican resorts - Cancún, Los Cabos, Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, Cozumel, and, of course, the world renown resort of Acapulco.

And it is in that diversity, that mix of brightest colors, the combination of the dissonant, in the harmony of the opposites that the unsurpassed Mexican flavor emerges. The flavor which you will experience during Vision Voyage 2012 and, having experienced it once, you will never forget it.

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