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Healthy Nervous System

Nowadays life without stress or worries seems a mere fantasy. Insomnia, stress at work, worries in family life, various external stress factors—those can by all means discourage us, disturb inner mental balance and even provoke nervous exhaustion. Which, it must be said, is fraught with most random and severe diseases.

Our Company products may help restore nervous cells, strengthen the nervous system and alleviate nervous tension. Don’t worry: Vision is on the look-out for serenity of your mind! 

Hiper is a natural antidepressant. Mildly and efficiently alleviates symptoms and consequences of depressive states: despondency, anxiety, oppression and apathy.
Mistik—a natural safe sleeping remedy that helps fall asleep quickly and ensures fine and easy awakening.
Passilat will alleviate nervous excitability and restore blood flow to the heart muscle, usually disturbed by stress.
Pax+ forte
Pax+ forte ensures protection of every cell from the disruptive effect of stresses; replenishes vitamins and minerals, abundantly burnt by stress.
Revien helps balance “excitation-inhibition” processes of the nervous system, prevents nervous and physical exhaustion, characteristic of the chronic fatigue syndrome.