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Normalization of Metabolism

Metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates—i.e. three major natural components—is a non-stop process, flowing in the human body. Their destruction and synthesis run according to a certain fixed plan. When one of its stages fails, a so–called metabolic disorder may follow. Such metabolic disorders have various causes, like improper nutrition, stress, unfavorable ecological conditions and bad habits. As a result, human body suffers from energy deficiency and gains extra weight.

Natural complexes from Vision will help the body function in its habitual rhythm, normalize metabolism and consequently ensure healthy lifestyle. 

Chromevital+ is a multi-component complex that contributes to normalization of blood sugar. Recommended in cases of endocrine pathologies, including pancreatic diabetes and overweight.
Sveltform+ normalizes metabolism at the cellular level, slows down transformation of carbohydrates into fats, removes fats from the body and accelerates metabolism.