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Healthy Kidneys

Bacteria, viruses and various pathogenic microorganisms may cause all sorts of infectious diseases. Even the slightest infection is a hard blow primarily on kidneys that filter nearly a ton of blood and purify it from harmful contaminants, subsequently removing them from the body. Thus, about 70-80% of bacteria get into kidneys from blood in the course of various inflammatory processes. Any failure of the urinoexcretory system may foster an inflammation. Balanced plant complexes from Vision are designed specifically to fight various acute infectious processes mildly and efficiently, prevent their aggravation, purify kidneys and renal ducts.

Nutrimax+ acts at the cellular level, efficiently combats various acute infectious processes in the urogenital sphere. It produces an antiseptic, antimicrobial and diuretic action.
Ursul helps withstand inflammatory and infectious diseases of the urogenital system and allows to enhance the immunity.