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Strengthening Bones and Joints

Human musculo-skeletal system is a frame of the whole body, that provides for all our moves, protects us and promotes untroubled motion. Our musculo-skeletal system is under a constant strain—no wonder it gets exhausted at certain stage in life: we start feeling heaviness, constraint and pains in joints.

But now, with the help of Vision products, you are enabled to protect and retain healthy locomotor apparatus, remain flexible and sturdy at any age, and always enjoy the pleasure of free movement!

EnjoyNT helps regain normal physiological condition of joints, strengthens articular tissue and stimulates synthesis of the synovial fluid.
Medisoya+ prevents washing out of calcium from the bone tissue, characteristic of the menopause period. Recommended for prevention of osteoporosis.
Mega sustains health of the locomotor apparatus and prevents arthral diseases.
OsteoSanum—precludes calcium deposits inside the vessels and directs calcium precisely to the bone tissue. Enhances regenerative processes, normalizes calcium metabolism, facilitates prevention of osteoporosis.