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Healthy Heart

Beyond any doubt, heart is the most efficient, productive, functional and important mechanism of the whole human body. It is exactly heart that is responsible for delivery of nutrients and oxygen to every cell, as well as for stable performance of the blood circulatory system, and consequently—of the whole body.

It is hard to overestimate the importance of human heart—it is definitely one of the key organs, that requires utmost care! Preserve your heart healthy, support the proper condition of blood vessels’ walls, provide for better microcirculation and invigorate every single cell of the heart muscle with the help of Vision products, enriched by plant ingredients, vitamins and minerals.

Antiox+ — launches a cascade antioxidant reaction, strengthens cardiovascular system and prevents cardiovascular diseases.
Granatin Q10
Granatin Q10 — due to a mighty antioxidant—pomegranate seed—slows down ageing processes, stimulates vasorelaxation and improves blood supply of tissues.
LCBalance reduces the level of “bad” cholesterol, simultaneously maintaining the level of “good” cholesterol; improves blood count.
Mega is a complex with unique fractions of polyunsaturated fatty acids, that helps improve lipid composition of blood, which protects vessels and heart from destruction.
OsteoSanum — precludes calcium deposits inside the vessels, thus effectively combating cardiovascular diseases, which significantly reduces the risk of heart attacks.
Passilat — supports health of the heart, restores blood flow to the heart muscle, normalizes cardiac rhythm.
Pax+ forte
Pax+ forte — promotes normal cardiac activity, reduces stress-related heart pains, normalizes cardiac rhythm.