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Purification of the Body

Nature has thoughtfully envisaged the capability of our body to self-purification from toxic substances. Nevertheless biological shield of our body can not completely remove all toxins that are present in the air we breathe in. Accumulation of toxins within the human body can ultimately provoke failure of its vitally important systems.

Vision products will purify your body at the cellular level, normalize metabolic processes and significantly reduce the risk of many diseases!

D i Guard nano
D i Guard nano is a true revolution in terms of purification of the body at the cellular level. It binds and removes salts of heavy metals, decay products, poisons and pesticides, as well as allergens. It also fights intoxication of various kinds and deals with the consequences of poisonings.
Detox+ provides protection and proper purification of the body both at the intercellular and intracellular level.