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Enhanced Performance of Brain

Era of innovative technologies enjoins upon us a need to rush with the new tempo of life and remember a lot, which presupposes ability to apply a great deal of various and sometimes even unconventional information. As a result it becomes harder and harder to cope with all responsibilities entrusted to us, as our brain is oversaturated with information of all kinds.

Revolutionary formulas of Vision products will enable you to properly organize workflow, improve your psychological state, attention focusing and subsequently—enhance working capacities.

Brain-o-flex — enhances microcirculation in brain vessels, which consequently improves the flow of nutrients and oxygen to its cells. Alleviates headache, noises and tingling in the ears, clears mind. Improves memory, IQ and attention focusing and accelerates responsiveness.
Mega — a complex, indispensable for normal brain performance, precludes brain cells’ breakage.