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VIP-Scan: Your personal hair and skin professional

It is known that dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, aestheticians, and beauty and hair salon professionals can all provide more in-depth analysis to their customers, and provide them a better understanding of their own skin and hair conditions.

Now you can employ advanced technology to become a professional yourself.

VIP-Scan offers the most complete line of skin and hair examination cameras, skin sensors and examination software that will dramatically change the way your customers understand their skin and hair conditions.

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Such devices were only used in dermatology, day spa, beauty salon, and hair loss treatment centres worldwide for skin care of acne, eczema, psoriasis, and anti-ageing treatments and hair replacement, transplant, and restoration or baldness treatments.

VIP-Scan performs examinations for any features and conditions of the skin, hair and scalp from 1x to over 700x. Take photos of the head or face, close ups of small areas, see surface features and sub-dermal features of the skin, determine hair density and width, examine the scalp, follicle and hair shaft and see even the smallest features such as capillary flow and hair cuticle condition.

Your customers will be impressed by the detailed views of the hair, scalp, and skin that will show their condition and encourage them to use the products and services you offer.

  • Enhance customer's understanding of the characteristics and cosmetic features of their hair and skin.
  • Use during ongoing treatment or product use to assure its effectiveness
  • Make an impact on your product sales with VISION product recommendations built-in in the software.

Hair Care

  • Document hair and scalp conditions and improvement.
  • Save or print pictures for customer files and follow-up comparisons.
  • See hair follicle condition, such as sebum clogging, closed follicles, damaged follicles, dead skin, and oil clogged follicles.
  • See scalp for moisture content, oil content, dead skin, inflammations, dandruff, seborrhoea, and psoriasis.
  • See oiliness or dryness of hair.
  • See chemical damage due to harsh products or product overuse.
  • See capillaries in scalp for proper circulation.
  • Use visual proof to confirm and reinforce a medical evaluation.
  • Use visual evidence of hair condition to increase purchase of products and services.

Skin Care

  • Measure skin moisture, oil content, and elasticity.
  • See sub-dermal features such as dilated capillaries, hyper-pigmentation, clogged pores, mole and tag structure.
  • Show detail of various forms of dermatitis such as minor inflammation, rosacea, and acne.
  • Texture including consistency, wrinkles, and roughness.
  • See surface features such as clogged or open pores, blackheads, and moles tags.
  • See oiliness, moisture, and dead skin.
  • Desquamation – dead skin or keratin.
  • Document skin conditions and improvement.
  • Save or print pictures for customer files and follow-up comparisons.
  • Use visual proof to confirm and enforce a medical evaluation.
  • Use visual evidence of skin condition to increase purchases of products and services. 

  • Increase sales of products and services
  • Educate customers on the condition and importance of corrective action
  • Motivate customers to act
  • Verify the skin/hair care professional's diagnosis
  • Facilitate customer compliance to skin/hair care treatments
  • Assess skin and hair condition
  • Show close-up magnified views on a large screen to create impact
  • Simple, easy to use
  • Proven successful – used extensively by leading skin/hair care product and service providers