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Health Check with VIP-Rofes

Hardware-software complex VIP-Rofes provides the opportunity to test the functional state of all the organs and systems of the human body.
Daily checks of the vital functions state will help you track the dynamics of the processes occurring in the body, assess the indices of your emotional and physical state, estimate the level of fatigue and the degree of its influence on the body tone.
Hardware-software complex VIP-Rofes is safe and easy to use. You need to just fix it on your wrist.

Operating principle

VIP-Rofes operates on the principle of electropuncture. The device stimulates the biologically active point P-7 on the inner side of the wrist of the left hand, sending impulses through it to all the organs. Then VIP-Rofes captures the response impulses coming from the organs and compares them with the indices of a healthy person.

Operating procedures

Connect VIP-Rofes to a tablet or PC. All the necessary software and user manual are included.
Clear and understandable description enables you to quickly understand the operating principle of the device and start testing. The result will be ready within three minutes.

Assessed indices

  • Testing of the general state of the body - all the organs and systems respond to an impulse.
  • Analysis of results and conclusion – within 3 minutes.
  • Assessment of the psycho-emotional state.
  • Assessment of negative effects of bad habits on the body.
  • Assessment of negative effects of stress and inadequate working conditions.
  • Identification of external factors that have negative effects on the body.
  • Identification of problems before they have external symptoms.
  • Monitoring of the effectiveness of taking BAFSs, drugs and medicines.

Business opportunities with VIP-Rofes

  • Testing of groups of people, analysis, and fast results.
  • Testing at meetings with potential clients can attract their interest in business with VISION.
  • Monitoring of the effectiveness of BAFSs, drugs and medicines, which testees take. After testing you can recommend some product of the Company, and repeat the test after 30 minutes.
  • A clear scientific evidence of positive changes in the body in half an hour is an unquestionable argument in favor of BAFSs helping in the body’s resources recovery.