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Herbal Teas

Vision herbal teas are natural drinks, created using ecologically pure herbs, flowers, fruits and berries, harvested in wildlife sanctuaries of Lithuania. In the process of developing the formulas not only wholesome properties of the medicinal herbs were taken into account, but also taste and aroma that they may infuse to a tea. Consequently, Vision teas are distinguished by their pronounced invigorating effect and appreciated by their exceptionally pleasant taste and aroma.

Enriched with lots of vitamins, microelements and biologically active substances, Vision herbal teas pave natural way to health, vitality, perfect well-being, energy, persistence and ability to withstand adverse environmental factors.

Specifically created for breast-feeding mothers: stimulates production of breast milk, improves its quality, prevents painful colic and flatulence in babies.
Reduces blood pressure and normalizes blood circulation. Improves heart performance, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and prevents blood clotting.
Neutralizes the disruptive effect of free radicals, removes toxins from the body, and visibly decelerates ageing processes.
Perfectly refreshes, rejuvenates and helps preserve good looks. Regular intake of this tea promotes weight loss and helps keep slender forms.
Bracing tea for contemporary men. Boosts energy, but simultaneously keeps heart and vessels healthy. Tea for Him equals health and activeness for many years to come.
Improves immunity, stimulates defence barriers of the body. It is a perfect natural source of the vitamin C.