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Chocolate shake

Chocolate shake
Chocolate shake
Smart Food shakes - healthy and delicious!

Chocolate shake contains essential vitamins, minerals, and a high-quality vegetable protein, which makes it a complete, nutritious food product. It normalizes metabolism, helps your body to sustain a high energy level, to adjust the eating habits and to lose weight. Chocolate shake has a pleasant chocolate flavor, is low in calories, and is perfect for those who follow a diet.
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Chocolate shake is recommended as a functional food product as it’s a source of high-quality protein with a high biological value.

Ingredients1 sachet 23 g
Vitamin A120 mcg
Vitamin D0,75 mcg
Vitamin E1,8 mg
Vitamin C12 mg
Vitamin B10,16 mg
Vitamin B20,21 mg
Vitamin B32,4 mg
Vitamin B60,21 mg
Vitamin B930 mcg
Vitamin B120,37 mcg
Vitamin B87,9 mcg
Vitamin B50,9 mg
Calcium50 mg
Phosphorus195 mg
Iron3,9 mg
Zinc2 mg
Copper0,29 mg
Iodine23 mcg
Selenium 8,3 mcg
Magnesium73 mg
Manganese0,35 mg

Who should use Chocolate shake?
  • Those who care about their weight and appearance.
  • Those who want to normalize their metabolism. 
  • Those who want to adjust their eating habits 
  • Those who watch their blood sugar level 
  • Those who follow a diet 
  • All the young, active people should use it as a source of energy and the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
Product: 1 box contains 14 sachets.

Recommendations for use:
Dissolve the contents of one sachet in 200 ml of skim milk.

Store at room temperature (not above 25°C) in a dry, dark place. Keep out of the reach of children. Shelf life: see packaging.
  • Normalizes metabolism
  • Helps to lose weight
  • Helps to control blood sugar levels
  • Supplies the body with essential vitamins
  • Quenches hunger
Chocolate shake has a rich, intense taste of chocolate, normalizes metabolism, improves performance and boosts your mood for the whole day.
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