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Junior Be Strong

Junior Be Strong
Junior Be Strong
The Source of Energy

Junior Be Strong contains natural ingredients that help maintain the energy level and B vitamins for normal growth and development of the child.

Honey, royal jelly, cherry juice concentrate, glucose syrup are excellent sources of energy and help improve metabolism. Vitamin B1 is essential for metabolism regulation of eaten carbohydrates, as well as for nervous system development and heart function normalization. Vitamin B2 stimulates the growth and strength of hair, nails and bones. The complex includes vitamin D3 to provide better absorption of calcium and phosphorus.
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This food supplement is recommended for children as an additional source of vitamins B1, B2, B6, D3.

Ingredients1 tube (15 gr) contains
Honey1200 mg
Cherry juice concentrate300 mg
Royal jelly100 mg
Vitamin В10,9 mg
Vitamin В2 1 mg
Vitamin В61,3 mg
Vitamin D32,5 mcg

Who needs to take Junior Be Strong:
  • All children for sustainable growth and development..
  • Children who need to support their metabolism and the energy level of the organism.
Recommended dose for children aged 6 years and over: 1 portion (contents of of 1 tube) per day during meal twice a week (once every 3 days). Course duration - 1 month.

Store in a dry place at room temperature (below 25°C) out of reach of children.

Expiry date: see the package.
  • Provides proper bowel function.
  • Supplies child with energy.
  • Helps proper development of bones, muscles and nervous system. 
  • Regulates blood sugar.
Large quantity of carbohydrates in Junior Be Strong provides long-term energy supply to children and improves their metabolism.

B-group vitamins in Junior Be Strong are responsible for proper development and growth of the child's body, especially its nervous system.

Complex Junior Be Strong is balanced in a way so as to provide a growing organism with everything necessary for its sustainable development.
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