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Junior Hit

Junior Hit—vitamins for children

Vitamin and mineral complexes for children have been created by the French pharmaceutical company Arkopharma and produced in Ireland. They comprise an optimal set of major vitamins, macro- and microelements for a growing body. These complexes contain all vitamins, minerals and plant ingredients, indispensable for proper development of a child.

Junior Hit complexes for children strengthen the immune system, sustain formation of locomotor apparatus, support physical activity and ensure proper mental and physical development. Besides, they are very tasty. The effect of Junior Hit complexes is obvious—they provide for balanced development of a child at all stages of active growth.

Junior Be Healthy
The complex is based on an active ingredient—propolis extract that helps strengthen the immune system and enhance body resistance to infectious diseases, reduce capillary permeability and enhance vitamin C effect on the child’s body.
Junior Be Smart
The complex contains omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids that facilitate proper development of brain
Junior Be Strong
Junior Be Strong contains natural ingredients that help maintain the energy level and B vitamins for normal growth and development of the child.