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I’MAgeQ mask

A new exclusive line of I’MAgeQ masks has been created by Vision on the basis of long-term research. This facial pack helps deal with all skin problems and make facial skin truly flawless. Each type of masks boasts of a unique natural formula, has its own color and serves a particular purpose: anti-age effect, revitalizing, moisturizing, purification and whitening. The masks are suitable for all skin types, irrespective of age or sex.

I’MAgeQ facial masks can be used separately or altogether, complementing each other’s action. It advisable to alternate all five types. Thanks to I’MAgeQ facial pack your skin acquires a healthy and glowing natural look, becomes resilient, smooth and dewy. Retain the vibrancy of youth with I’MAgeQ masks!

I’MAgeQ: supple and radiant complexion!

I’MAgeQ Tea tree cleansing mask efficiently fights acne-provoking toxins, enlarged pores and blackheads.
I’MAgeQ Q10 Instantaneous soothing eye mask has a powerful moisturizing and rejuvenating action. It effectively reduces wrinkles in the eye area, combats dark circles and bags under the eyes.  
I’MAgeQ Deep sea extract moisturizing mask is a source of natural microelements, designed for deep hydration of the skin. The mask also regulates cellular moisture balance.
I’MAgeQ Q10 Multipeptide calming revitalizing mask produces a pronounced antioxidant action, efficiently regenerating skin’s resilience and elasticity. Active multipeptide complex addresses deep wrinkles, has a rejuvenating and regenerating effect.
I’MAgeQ Charcoal deep whitening mask clarifies the skin, reduces pigmentation spots and contributes to smoothness, sheen and radiance of your skin.