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Comprehensive protection for joints

If joints are constrained, crunch or ache, an innovative complex EnjoyNT serves as an indispensable remedy. It contains glucosamine and chondroitin that prevent destruction of joints and stimulate natural regeneration of the cartilaginous tissue. MSM enhances their effect, stimulates synthesis of the synovial fluid, alleviates inflammation and pain. Bamboo extract ensures active re-mineralization of the bone tissue and prevents its degeneration. EnjoyNT allows to restore joints, helps regain their flexibility and agility, diminish pains and constraint of movements in the morning.

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Recommended as a biologically active food supplement, a source of glucosamine.

Ingredientsper 1 capsule
Glucosamine500 mg
Chondroitin10 mg
MSM10 mg
Bamboo extract10 mg

Target audience to take EnjoyNT complex:

  • Those who suffer from joint diseases, also as part of age-related processes in the body or as a result of extensive physical loads;
  • Those who prefer active lifestyle or do sports professionally;
  • Those who care about their health, prefer to prepare their joints and muscles to physical loads in advance and relax strain on them afterwards;
  • Those who generally aim at preventing ageing of the body.

To reach a comprehensive effect on joints it is advisable to combine the product with EnjoyNT Harpago gel—a strong anti-inflammatory and warming gel for topical application that enhances the effect of EnjoyNT complex.

Recommended for adults to take 1 capsule per day during meals with water.

Keep at room temperature (not exceeding 250C) in a dry place out of reach of children.

Shelf life: 3 years.

  • Supports healthy state of joints and spine, protecting them during active loads;
  • Protects connective tissue from destruction;
  • Produces an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving action;
  • Promotes active re-mineralization of bone tissue and prevents its deterioration;
  • Facilitates restoration of damaged cartilaginous tissue in joints and spine;
  • Precludes destruction and stimulates natural renewal of the cartilaginous tissue;
  • Helps regain agility and flexibility of joints and avoid morning constraint of movements;
  • Stimulates synthesis of the synovial fluid and collagen;
  • Helps lead active life at any age.

Components of EnjoyNT innovative complex produce a double action: it facilitates regaining the normal physiological condition of joints and strengthens the bone tissue.

Unlike most other complexes intended for joints, that are in no way unique and contain certain proportions of traditional ingredients,—glucosamine and chondroitinEnjoyNT additionally contains MSM that enhances their action, and bamboo extract that promotes active re-mineralization of the bone tissue and prevents its deterioration.

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