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CardioDrive: Complete Heart Health

Bioactive heart support products used on a daily basis can prevent various heart diseases and reduce mortality up to 3 times.

Super product for cardiovascular system CardioDrive contains maximum amount of purified natural substances. It contains only the ingredients in their best absorbable form, free of preservatives, gluten and GMO. CardioDrive is an extremely strong and potent product with maximum bioavailablity and effectiveness. It also has a most advanced new approach to cholesterol, aiming not to lower it, but fighting he atherosclerosis causes.

Traditional medications are expensive, target removing disease symptoms, only slow the rapid aggravation of the disease, have harmful side effects, and usually act on one or very few important factors for the cardiovascular system.

CarrdioDrive has a long term action preventing the causes, countering further development of the disease, and positively impact on the entire body instead of producing various side effects. 

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Two different forms of ingredients in two capsules can achieve what one couldn’t – ultimate heart health aid. Solid and Fluid capsules respectively contains water-soluble and fat-soluble (vitamins, coenzyme Q10, omega-3 fatty acids) concentrated essential nutrients to support the cardiovascular system.

Because of the energising properties of the ingredients (Ginseng, Green tea), both Solid and Fluid capsules should be taken in the beginning of the day during or after your meal with plenty of water.


Solid: Grape powder extract, Beetroot extract (5:1), Green tea extract, Garlic powder extract, Ginseng (Panax) dry extract, Hawthorn leaves and flower dry extract, Arjuna bark extract (5:1), Sage leaf extract, Black pepper extract.

Fluid: Krill oil, Flax seed oil, Coenzyme Q10, Vitamins A, D3, E. 

Main Benefits

  • Normalises blood pressure
  • Thins the blood and improves blood circulation
  • Reduces inflammation in blood vessel walls.
  • Improves blood lipid profile
  • Optimises cardiac muscle work
  • Regulates heart rhythm

Additional benefits

  • Has a strong antioxidant action
  • Reduces sugar amount in the blood
  • Overall calming effect on the nervous system
  • Improves digestion
  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Detoxifies the body and protects the liver
  • Strengthens the immune system

Green tea is loaded with substances that reduce the formation of free radicals in the body, protecting cells and molecules from damage, relax blood vessels, and reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Grape phytonutrients as resveratrol lowers your blood pressure and improves elasticity in blood vessels.

Ginseng is an adaptogen that make you more resilient to mental, physical, and environmental stress.

Arjuna improves the pumping activity of heart, which makes it very useful for heart weakness and congestive heart failure.

Black pepper increases blood supply to our gut and amplifies the ability to absorb the nutrients keeping them from becoming waste products.

Hawthorn can improve the amount of blood pumped out of the heart during contractions, widen the blood vessels, and increase the transmission of nerve signals.

The omega-3 in krill oil is attached to phospholipids that increase its absorption and contains astaxanthin, a potent antioxidant—almost 50 times more than is present in fish oil. EPA and DHA acids reduce risk factors for heart disease, have strong anti-inflammatory action, and lower the risk of heart attack.

Flaxseed oil contains essential unsaturated fatty acids, and a number of vitamins such as B1, B2, C, E and carotene, a form of vitamin A.

Coenzyme Q10 is very important for your cells to produce energy, and is an integral part of helping cells take fat and other substances and convert them into usable energy. 

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