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Cellular purification of the body, immunity reinforcement

Purifies the body at the cellular level, removes toxins, enhances cellular immunity, which allows natural body self-purification systems efficiently eliminate toxic and bacterial threats. Uncaria tomentosa is renowned as a potent natural antibiotic and is widely used to fight a wide spectrum of diseases. Detox+ prevents cell degeneration. It effectively purifies the body after administration of synthetic medical drugs and significantly reduces side-effects of radio- and chemotherapy.

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Recommended as a biologically active food supplement, a source of polyphenol compounds.

Ingredientsper 1 capsule (387,5 mg)
Uncaria tomentosa380 mg

Target audience to take Detox+:

  • Those who reside in ecologically polluted areas;
  • Those who suffer from chronic diseases that develop against the background of the body intoxication or lead to formation of toxins;
  • Those who don’t follow the principles of healthy nutrition and are used to having snacks or fast food.
  • Those with weakened immunity, respiratory and cardiovascular systems;
  • People prone to allergic and skin reactions;
  • Those taking synthetic medical drugs or having undergone radiation treatment or chemotherapy;
  • Those who smoke or consume alcohol.

Recommended for adults to take 1 capsule twice per day during meals with water.

Store at room temperature (not exceeding 250C) in a dry place out of reach of children.

Shelf life: 3 years.

  • Purifies the body at the cellular level;
  • Has an immunomodulating action;
  • Produces a detoxifying action;
  • Stimulates clearance functions of the body systems;
  • Has an eminent antitumoral activity, prevents cell degeneration;
  • Is a natural antibiotic.

  • Detox+ mildly purifies the body without causing its stress: it doesn’t have a laxative action or cause indigestion, doesn’t require abstinence from food or special diets, removes only harmful substances, leaving the useful ones;
  • Unlike many clearance remedies Detox+ provides protection and complete purification not only at cellular, but also at endocellular level;
  • It is a natural antibiotic that produces an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action;
  • Detox+ influences every single cell of the body.

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