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Classic Hit

Daily protection and nutrition of cells

Healthy cells—healthy body. Classic Hit products provide for cellular protection of the whole body on a daily basis. No matter what disease you struggle with, start restoration of the body with the products of the Classic Hit line. Wide spectrum of action of the Classic Hit line addresses a whole range of problems: it purifies, regenerates and protects literally every cell of the human body, consequently preventing a great deal of ailments. The products prolong life-span of cells and revive them, so they regain ability to function as young and healthy. Efficiency of Classic Hit line products is not only clinically proved, but is also supported by thousands of positive feedback from consumers.

Powerful unique antioxidant complex. Helps fight free radicals that daily attack our body, destroying its cells, and cause premature ageing and severe diseases.
Multicomponent energy tonic Chromevital+ stimulates energy processes at the cellular level. It contains specifically selected components to boost energy in every cell.
Purifies the body at the cellular level, removes toxins, enhances cellular immunity, which allows natural body self-purification systems efficiently eliminate toxic and bacterial threats. 
It’s essential to take vitamins regularly, but with the disturbed microflora vitamins are not assimilated properly. Lifepac Senior is a unique combination of necessary vitamins, micro- and macroelements, as well as living probiotic cultures.
A complex with unique fractions of polyunsaturated fatty acids, indispensable for normal functioning of all organs and systems, and first of all—of heart, blood vessels, brain and skin. 
Nutrimax+ is a true inflammation-buster. It operates at the cellular level, efficiently combating various acute infections, primarily of the urogenital sphere.
Pax+ forte is a powerful anti-stress complex that protects every cell of the body from the disruptive impact of stress. Enhanced by the “elements of calmness”—magnesium and vitamin B6.
Sveltform+ deals with a major cause for gaining weight—normalizes metabolism at the cellular level. Ultimately balanced formula helps activate metabolism up to the exact degree that would facilitate intensive fat burning and transformation into energy.