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Combine pleasure and health!

DEM4 scientists developed enriched dark chocolate with vitamins, plant extracts and micronutrients that are beneficial for our health.

Latest studies reveal that daily chocolate consumption showed a 37% reduction in cardiovascular disease risk, a 31% reduction in diabetes risk and a 29% reduction in stroke risk when compared to low chocolate consumption.

Scientists, cardiologists and chocolate craftsmen have created an exceptional product Vision Chocolight for your health and delight. Vitamins, amino acids, micronutrients and plant extracts were all combined in a dark chocolate. This chocolate dietary supplement is a rich and delicious addition to your diet for your daily consumption and healthy lifestyle.

European cardiologists classify chocolate to the same group of rich in antioxidant nutrients as fruits, vegetables, green tea and red wine. Chocolate is especially recommended to those who have a heart disease risk.

Chocolight Charm
Chocolight Charm is great for healthy skin, bones, teeth, nails, and hair.
Chocolight Love
Chocolight Love is designed for cardiovascular health and our blood vessels.
Chocolight Think
Chocolight Think promotes brain and nervous system functions.
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