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Cobiotics in Cobiotico help digest food into special smaller particles which can be easily assimilated by bacteria. Unlike prebiotics, cobiotics not only ensure nutrition for probiotics, but for human cells as well.

Digestion processes release vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, and other biologically active substances, which cannot immediately be absorbed by the body. Cobiotics is the catalyst to help the body break down food into small pieces, which feed probiotics and intestinal cells.

Cobiotico also breaks down food residues that stimulate rot bacteria activity and growth, and promotes good bacteria suppressing bad bacteria growth in the intestine. 

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Ingredients: Turmeric rhizome extract, Fennel fruit extract, Alfalfa herb extract, Ginger root extract, Papaya fruit extract, Pineapple fruit extract.

  • Helps the body break down food and produce cobiotics – vital nutrients for the growth of good bacteria
  • Breaks down food residues that stimulate rot bacteria activity and growth
  • Promotes good bacteria and suppresses bad bacteria growth in the intestine

The product is developed thanks to many years of experience. The developers have foreseen everything: quality, unique ingredients and convenient packaging. The product works at the cellular level. The product contains the plant enzymes, which split food macromolecules into the compounds that are consumed by probiotics and digestive tract cells. 

The components of the product stimulate the secretion and activity of the enzymes of the digestive tract and thereby improve the digestion of food.

The product helps to normalize the function of the epithelial layer of the intestine (protection and digestion of food).

Stimulates peristalsis of the intestine, relieves spasms, normalizes the work of the intestine.

All this leads to decrease in the activity and growth of pathogenic bacteria, promotes the proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the intestine.