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Biologically Active Food Supplements

Biologically Active Food Supplements — What Are They?

Balanced nutrition forms the foundation of our health. Biologically active food supplements are precisely what you need to make your diet adequate and appropriate.

Biologically active food supplements are natural complexes containing minerals, vitamins, dietary fibers, extracts of medicinal herbs, polyunsaturated fatty acids, amino acids, etc. They make up for the respective deficiencies in nutrition, enhance assimilation of healthy substances, boost internal powers of the body and mitigate the risk of many diseases.

According to the scientists and doctors, accurate and regular intake of biologically active food supplements not only allows to retain youth, health and vitality longer. But also significantly improves the quality of life.

Biologically Active Food Supplements — Your Daily Allowance of Health!

Classic Hit—products, providing daily protection of the body at the cellular level.
Each Direct Hit product has a targeted action and topical effect.
Junior Hit strengthen the immunity and contribute to balanced physical and mental development of kids.
The new children's line Vishki is produced in the form of jelly bears with fruity tastes, which makes their use not only healthy, but also delicious! Chewing pastilles in the form of bears - this is exactly what children like so much.