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Vanilla shake
Vanilla shake
Smart Food shakes - healthy and delicious!
Vanilla shake contains essential vitamins, minerals, and a high-quality vegetable protein, which makes it a complete, nutritious food product.
The unique formula of a natural veinotonic VenoStrong is specifically created to ensure a broad-spectrum effect on the venous system and addresses all causes and manifestations of the venous insufficiency.
Vinex is a unique fraction of red grapes, by far exceeding even the best red wine in its wholesome properties. Has a powerful antioxidant effect and improves heart performance.
Hardware-software complex VIP-Rofes provides the opportunity to test the functional state of all the organs and systems of the human body.
VIP-Scan: Your personal hair and skin professional
VIP-Ultrasonic - multifunctional device designed to significantly improve the effect of beauty treatments.