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Lamin Vision
Lamin Vision is the best energy tonic for men. It charges with energy for the whole day, significantly enhances physical and mental working capacities, elevates endurance and stress resistance. 
LCBalance allows to reduce “bad” blood cholesterol, simultaneously maintaining the level of the“good” one. It prevents absorption of cholesterol through the intestine and getting into the blood flow, and blocks the synthesis of cholesterol in liver. 
Lemongrass Green Tea
Neutralizes the disruptive effect of free radicals, removes toxins from the body, and visibly decelerates ageing processes.
Lifepac Senior
It’s essential to take vitamins regularly, but with the disturbed microflora vitamins are not assimilated properly. Lifepac Senior is a unique combination of necessary vitamins, micro- and macroelements, as well as living probiotic cultures.
Complex LiveLon’+ facilitates rejuvenation of the whole body and skin in particular. The balanced LiveLon’+ formula contains 10 ultimate antioxidants with a cascade action.