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Perfectly balanced, Revien complex can help regain strength, stabilize emotional state and overcome anxieties. Ingredients of the complex contribute to maintaining the balance of “excitation-inhibition” processes in the nervous system
Roll-on Gel Body Revive
Roll-on Gel Body Revive is a cosmetic product that helps alleviate muscle and joint pain and relieve irritation.
Roll-on Gel Leg Refresh
Roll-on Gel Leg Refresh is a cosmetic product that significantly reduces swelling, fatigue and heaviness in legs.
Safe-to-see forte
Safe-to-see forte is a product to protect the eyesight and mitigate eye fatigue. The new balanced product formula has been created specifically for Vision; it includes a complex of the best eye vitamins.
This everyday serum delivers advanced protection against imperfections and irritations, nourishing skin with nutrients to visibly reduce wrinkles, firm, and brighten the skin.
Sponge for dry skin
VISION Skincare Sponge for dry skin with Yam plant nourishes the skin and strengthens its lipid barrier. It improves skin’s ability to absorb and retain moisture, elasticity, and resilience, strengthening its protective function.
Sponge for oily skin
VISION Skincare Sponge for oily skin enriched with Bamboo Charcoal extract works especially well to clean and care for oily and blemish-prone skin types. It helps to control excessive oil secretion, cleanses skin pores eliminating blackheads and dirt.
Sponge for sensitive skin
VISION Skincare Sponge for sensitive skin, made with premium Aloe Vera, cleanses, hydrates, and calms even the most delicate skin. This ultra-healing sponge will leave your skin healed, nicely nourished, and protected from environmental damages.
Stalon Neo
Stalon Neo allows men to live up to the full, stay healthy and confident. Stalon Neo stimulates activity of the spinal cord nodes, responsible for erection
Sveltform+ deals with a major cause for gaining weight—normalizes metabolism at the cellular level. Ultimately balanced formula helps activate metabolism up to the exact degree that would facilitate intensive fat burning and transformation into energy.
Tea for Her
Perfectly refreshes, rejuvenates and helps preserve good looks. Regular intake of this tea promotes weight loss and helps keep slender forms.
Tea for Him
Bracing tea for contemporary men. Boosts energy, but simultaneously keeps heart and vessels healthy. Tea for Him equals health and activeness for many years to come.
Ursul is a specifically created complex with an anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action to address health problems men face. 
Vanilla shake
Vanilla shake
Smart Food shakes - healthy and delicious!
Vanilla shake contains essential vitamins, minerals, and a high-quality vegetable protein, which makes it a complete, nutritious food product.
The unique formula of a natural veinotonic VenoStrong is specifically created to ensure a broad-spectrum effect on the venous system and addresses all causes and manifestations of the venous insufficiency.
Hardware-software complex VIP-Rofes provides the opportunity to test the functional state of all the organs and systems of the human body.
VIP-Scan: Your personal hair and skin professional
VIP-Ultrasonic - multifunctional device designed to significantly improve the effect of beauty treatments.
Whitening mask
I’MAgeQ Charcoal deep whitening mask clarifies the skin, reduces pigmentation spots and contributes to smoothness, sheen and radiance of your skin.
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