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About the Company

Vision International People Group is one of the world’s leaders in the wellness industry—the industry of healthy life-style. For over 20 years Vision International People Group has been manufacturing products for health, longevity, youth and beauty. Vision Company is officially represented in more than 20 countries.

Manufacturing of the Vision Products

Vision maintains total control and supervision over the process of creation of its products—from developing formulas and searching for ingredients to the manufacturing process, packaging, storage and delivery of the end products.
All Vision products are manufactured only at the Company’s own plants that comply with the strictest QC requirements, like location in the ecologically safe area, well-qualified employees, as well as the certification of the plant as per the exact list of standards. One of the main requirements to the manufacture is obtaining the GMP certificate (Good Manufacturing Practice). GMP certificate includes the set of standards and regulations for manufacturing pharmaceutical products and some types of food. GMP standards allow to provide for the correspondence of the product quality to the given parameters.


Natural Origin

Safe and ecological properties of goods are the key priority for Vision. Based on that, the Company uses solely natural and ecologically safe raw materials in the production process. With that perspective, Vision regularly monitors ecologically clean areas. Specialists take into account such characteristics as the mountain air sparsity, altitude above the sea level, average temperature, humidity, ultraviolet radiation, geographical orientation, and wind rose. Consequently, the Company has chosen 75 ecologically purest areas around the globe which now serve as Vision’s primary suppliers of raw materials. Plant ingredients for future food supplements are harvested in particular seasons, when the amount of useful substances in them is ultimate. In order to preserve the full life-giving power of herbs, Vision applies advanced innovative technologies, such as the method of cryo-grinding. It facilitates better assimilation of biologically active substances and helps preserve wholesome properties of plants, and consequently—enhance a beneficial impact of food supplements over the body.



All Vision products are manufactured only at the Company’s own pharmaceutical plants that comply with the international QC standards, and are subject to the strictest QC procedures.
In particular, the majority of the Vision food supplements have been clinically tested at the leading scientific institutes, laboratories and clinics of the industry: the Scientific Research Nutrition Institute of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences; N. N. Blokhin Cancer Research Center of RAMS; Moscow Region Scientific-Research Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology; St. Petersburg Lesgaft State Academy of the Physical Culture. Similar work is performed together with the Public Health Control Agency of the Lithuanian Ministry of Health and the Lithuanian University of Medical Sciences.
Vision products’ quality is ensured by professionalism of our specialists, it is time-proved and guaranteed by multiple positive feedback from our consumers and experts. And most importantly—quality of Vision products is sustained at an equally high level in all countries of Vision presence. Vision products have been universally recognized as the products of the 21st century.



One of the main requirements to manufacturing of Vision products is obtaining the GMP certificate, confirming that the products have been manufactured in strict compliance with the announced formula; packaged as required, which guarantees that all the products’ properties shall be preserved within the shelf-life. The standards account for the slightest details, like materials and equipment, and type of overall, used in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process and even the humidity level at the plant.
Vision voluntarily submits its products for supplementary certification. In 2012 after the voluntary certification the Classic Hit line has acquired certificates as “Brand of the year”.