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Vision and Multilevel Marketing

Using the best network marketing tools Vision has worked out its unique business offer that is the foundation of the VISION business.

  • An opportunity to organize you own profitable and stable business.
  • A high social relevance of the Company and its distributors.
  • High-quality products from leading European manufacturers whose effectiveness has been confirmed by clinical tests.
  • An effective marketing plan.
  • The commission payments guarantee.
  • The complete information and analytical support for the distributors' business by the Company.
  • An opportunity to do international business.
  • Over 30 official representative offices and modern trading companies with advanced equipment in Russia, other CIS countries, Europe and Asia.
  • Use of high-tech in the 3G business:
    GOS multilanguage E-shop
    GPS website designing application
    GMS business management system.
  • The Company operates online information support programs for distributors by Web and texting broadcasts.
  • An opportunity to conclude an electronic contract.
  • The Company successfully operates the VIPVISIONTV.ME corporate TV project and the Vision-News information Web channel.
  • A modern multilanguage corporate website.
  • An opportunity to participate in the remote online training with the Vision H.E.L.P. system.
  • An opportunity to see the world and combine training with vacations at high-class world resorts.
  • Participation in major Company events.

VISION means many years of experience and guarantees of the business stability.