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"The health of a person depends not on what he or she eats but on what he or she does not eat," Carl F. Rehnborg, young American scientist, once determined. And that idea made him famous. It was Carl Rehnborg who invented the world first biologically active food supplement and made his friends and acquaintances his first distributors. "Offer those preparations to your friends and I will pay you commissions after they purchase them from you," he proposed. The scheme began operating and in 1934 Carl Rehnborg established his first company on the network (multilevel) marketing principles. In several years two most successful employees of the company, Richard DeVos and Jay Van Andel, established their own venture. At that time first opponents of such business emerged. The US Trade Commission accused Richard DeVos and Jay Van Andel of illegal trading methods. The struggle for survival went on for four years. It ended in the triumphal victory of the network marketing that was recognized as a legitimate business. Soon it began growing rapidly. In 1979 – 1983 over 5 million men and women joined the network marketing industry. Hundreds of companies appeared using that business strategy. There was no experience and expertise yet, but the dream was there as well as the unshakable belief in the possibility to make it come true. It is thanks to that belief that now the concept of the "network marketing" means the experience record of over 50 years in operations in various markets with quite diverse ranges or products.

According to the Direct Sales Association (DSA) official statistics, there are practically no markets in the world now that are not involved with the network marketing.

The network marketing idea is simple and ingenious! That idea works in any market, in any country, for any product. You tell other people about good products and services that you have liked yourself. When presenting the products you rely on your personal experience. The thing is to create a market with the help of transfering information from one person to another, in other words, it is a sales system based mainly on communications among people. Human relations constitute the main driving force of the system. Network companies never spend millions on advertising their products. The purchaser pays less and at the same time gets individual consultations and proven products.

By making your choice in favor of the network marketing you get:

  • An opportunity to establish your own business which does not require shops, warehouses, rentals, etc.
  • A business without a rigid work schedule.
  • A business with a huge growth potential.
  • A business in which minimal investments provide top income.
  • A business with a psychologically comfortable environment where everyone cares about the success of all the others.

The main thing is that the network marketing never puts you within any strict bounds. You can either be happy with some reliable extra earnings or do that business as a professional. You yourself determine your work schedule, your timing and your wages. You do all this by yourself, since it is your business. All that the network marketing offers you is to erect an additional reliability framework for your own life and for that of your near and dear. And it depends on you alone to what extent you are going to get involved in that business.

  • Over 65 million people are engaged in the mlm industry.
  • the aggregate turnover of all such companies exceeds $115 billion and continues to grow.
  • the network marketing has already become the reality of the contemporary economy and its integral part.
  • the fact that traditional companies turn to the network marketing is the best proof of the promises this type of business holds.
  • in spite of its wide presence the world over the real development of the network marketing only begins!