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A distributor attaining impressive business success is worthy of special privileges from the Company. That is why the President's inner circle structures have been established that signify the person's special importance.
It is so, since the leader is a person with the background of a huge organization, business accomplishments, career rises.

Chief Advisors to the President
The highest recognition that a distributor can get in Vision International People Group is to be included in the closest inner circle of Dmitry Buriak, the Company's President.
Chief Advisors to the President are the leaders developing their business on the international scale, very interesting personalities and highly experienced professionals, they get the attendance of many thousands at their training sessions. They are the Sponsors of organizations that number dozens of thousands of people.

Presidential Guard
These are the Company's leaders who with their highly professional and truly leadership qualities have merited a special attention from the President. It is with these people that Dmitry Buriak, the Company's President, is ready and eager to share his knowledge, experience and skills. And Guardsmen are ready and eager to accept them and deal with them in a proper way.

The Guard denotes full support to the President in implementing complex, strategically vital decisions. Becoming a Presidential Guardsman means becoming a part of the elite team to which most crucial tasks are entrusted. And each distributor joining the Guard personifies the truly leadership attitude towards the business, the Company, the President as reflected in ten provisions of the Guard's Code.