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Just imagine, the Seychelles, South Africa, Mauritius, Cuba, Sri Lanka, Dominica, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Thailand, Tunisia, Egypt and Turkey – those are the countries to which over 3,000 distributors for Vision went for their vacations. Vision Voyage is one of the brightest and most memorable events in the life of each distributor. During those journeys each one enjoys the fully serviced exclusive rest and recreation in an interesting, fine and fashionable location on the globe. Those fantastic voyages are presented to distributors as gifts, for free – as prizes for their good work.

Each year the Company not just organizes voyages for best distributors, it creates a fairy tale, takes tremendous care of each one starting with boarding the plane, practically leads them by the hand through all adventures in the new land, and ending with friendly embraces and applause on returning home. Due to all this in many years of arranging Vision voyages they have become legendary and taking part in them is considered a great honor.

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