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Closed group on the VKontakte social network will be available on June 1. 

The group is for those, who met all necessary requirements and registered for participation in the project.

Everyday trainers and nutritionist will give advice on training, nutrition, Vision products, as well as open topics for general discussion and, of course, answer your questions.


June 4, 2017 at 2 PM (Moscow time). VisionFit Virtual Room


Maria Egorova, Vision consultant; certified nutritionist; member of the International Association of Preventive and Anti-Aging Medicine; specialist in healthy lifestyle; experience of cooperation with Vision – 18 years.

Arthur Zaripov, graduate of the Weider College of Fitness and Bodybuilding with the degree in the Basics of Rational Nutrition, Nutritional Support for the Client, Personal Fitness Trainer; personal trainer in the functional class, cycling, kinesitherapy, strength building and interval training; certified in: the manual & muscle testing and the treatment of pelvic dysfunction.

Tatyana Kalsina, personal fitness trainer of Arena 3000 (Ufa); certified specialist in strength building, kinesitherapy of the locomotor system and spine, functional rehabilitation; participant of the Moscow International Open Fitness Festival 2015-2016; graduate of the first School of Fitness 2013; prize-winner; and active sportswoman in the Bikini Fitness” category.

Topics of the Conference:
  • “How to Make Up Your Diet”. 
  • “How to Organize Training at Home”.
For ALL Premium Clients in May.

Log into the Consultant’s personal account at www.vip-tree.net

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