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Vision Summit 2017

Vision Summit, the main business event of the year, was held in Crocus City Hall on August, 19-20. We are always waiting for the most important news and announcements for the development of our business based on the events on such a scale, but the event became truly historic for Vision.

The speech of the President of Vision International People Group, full of the information about new and high-tech projects (available to Vision distributors even today), based on the most advanced trends of the world economy, caused an incredible enthusiasm and strengthened our belief that the choice that had been made in favor of Vision turned to be the most right choice.

Dmitry Buryak shocked us with the news that the partnership with Cryptaur would provide each Vision distributor with unique opportunities to become a full participant in the new type of economy and to easily join the world crypto community. Visionaries would get the opportunity to participate in Pre-ICO Cryptaur, gain huge benefits at the entrance, and use all other platform features in order to increase their incomes in hundreds of times.

The news, concerning the fact that we would significantly expand our opportunities for rapid growth thanks to the alliance with Freedom International Group, was welcomed with enthusiasm. The synergy of combined resources, technologies, tools, knowledge and experience would multiply the potential of the Company, as well as each of its distributors. The first confirmation of it, a new tool for business and training called Sessia, was masterly represented by Narek Sirakanyan, President of Freedom International Group.

The energy within two days of the event just flowed from the stage and the participants of the projects, gaining momentum, like the Youth Vision Marathon, Baikal Motor Race, and, of course, VisionFit, the participants and the leaders of which simply blew up the hall with their lively dance flashmob, and finally Dmitry Buryak himself!

Vision Summit was incredibly generous with gifts, recognition, and bonuses. New members joined the auto program and received the Vision logos, which they would glue on own brand new cars very soon, right on the stage. More than 200 leaders took to the stage to get the recognition that confirmed the high qualification and the performance of the next steps on the career ladder of Vision. Bottles of champagne were opened and fireworks set off in their honor.

10 leaders got 5,000 euros – Summit Bonus. 7 top leaders got the luxury prize from the Company in the amount of 50,000 euros – Luxury Bonus. The same as always: the geographical representation of the winners was unbelievable – among the lucky winners were the leaders from Russia, Vietnam, Turkmenistan, Latvia, Bulgaria, Uzbekistan!

In the atmosphere of special solemnity all the nominees and winners were named and awarded the relevant medals and statuettes of the annual Galaxy Award in the following categories: "Best Business Start," "Best Star Maker," and "Best Business Growth Rate".

And, of course, the country of Vision Voyage 2018 was announced during the event – Bali, an exotic Indonesian island, is waiting for the visionaries in the fall of 2018. Qualification for the Vision luxury vacation starts in September, 2017!

We heartily congratulate everyone, who participated in that historic event, we wish you the rapid growth of business, and look forward to seeing you at the VIP Forum in Moscow on December, 2-3! Winter promises to be hot!