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September 12-13, 2013, Moscow, Rossia Concert Hall

With Dmitry Buriak, VISION President, participating, TOGETHER WITH Chief Advisors to the President – Svetlana and Pavel Dubrov, Alla and Oleg Andriichuk

In the program:
  • Presentation of new 2013 product lines by manufacturers and developers!
  • Motivational training sessions by winners of the Spring 21013 regional speaker contests
  • Recognition of new Vision Dollar Millionaires' Club – you can earn a lot with us!
  • Speeches by the Company's top leaders
  • New voyages together with Vision
  • Unveiling a new program for your business development – “Step2Dream”
  • Strategic message by DMITRY BURIAK, VISION President
  • Qol 17.09.2013 (139 photo)