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OrgaNice Center

A unique OrgaNice Center opened in Nizhny Novgorod on October 4th!

The opening ceremony was led by Vision International People Group President DMITRY BURIAK, Head of Development MARGARITA BURIAK, Marketing Director LIDIA BURIAK and Guardians of the President PAVEL and SVETLANA DUBROVY.

The OrgaNice Center is a brand new office that will become a calling card, a ticket to greater success and a symbol of the endless development of Vision Group. We present you with new working standards that will help you improve your business, achieve much better results and move up the Vision Carrier Plan Matrix.


At exactly 2 p.m. the OrgaNice Center opening ceremony officially started. Several hundred guests from all over the country gathered together to celebrate. Guests also came from Moscow, Vladimir, Kirov, the Far East and even Spain! VIP 3S Guardians of the President, and Nizhny Novgorod locals, Natalya and Sergey Tupicyny opened the ceremony. They told the story of how the Vision business had started in Nizhny Novgorod, recalling the tough conditions people had to deal with to build their business. They expressed their gratitude to President Dmitry Buriak and his family and said how proud they are that the first unique OrgaNice Center was opened in Nizhny Novgorod. Afterwards, Svetlana and Pavel Dubrovy, the Head Guardians of the President, took the floor. They congratulated the residents of Nizhny Novgorod and expressed confidence that business would grow faster and be even more successful.

Dmitry Buriak's speech caught everyone’s attention. Accompanied by thunderous applause the president talked about the fascinating prospects of Vision and the launch of the new unique comprehensive programs. The president, Margarita Buriak and Lidia Buriyak cut the green ribbon and so opened the OrgaNice Center.

The Opening Ceremony moved to the conference room where the company's leaders Natalya Basova and Zinaida Kiseleva, Moscow sponsors of the Nizhny Novgorod organization, Sergey Zarudaev, VIP 3S Guardian in Nizhny Novgorod, and top-leaders Liubov Garifulina and Tamara Pshennikova took the floor. Each of them shared their emotions and experiences from this event, thanked the president and wished the Nizhny Novgorod leaders all the best.

One of the most memorable moments of the ceremony was Margarita Buriak's speech. She talked about the work of the Missia Foundation in Nizhny Novgorod, introducing the mentor and children of a local foster home. Margarita Buriak gave the children Junior Hit vitamin and mineral sets together with the special promotional offer for submitting one Junior Neo from each purchased Superpack to the Foundation. The mentor and foster-children showed their endless gratitude to the foundation and the company, and gave Margarita Buriak a hand-made paper OrgaNice tree.

Moving forward, the president introduced the Guardians to yet another new opportunity from the company – a biological age diagnostic device. The presentation of the device was presided over by DEM4 Laboratory Head of the Research and Development Department Elmantas Pocevičius. Each participant in the ceremony had the opportunity to take the test and immediately find out their biological age.

Then it was the right time for a grand buffet and small-talk. The high point of the evening was the OrgaNice cake. Incidentally, by the next day, on October 5th, the first orders with delivery to the Nizhny Novgorod Center were placed.

The Vision celebration was not over with the opening of the OrgaNice Center. The very same evening in the Grand Hotel Oka business conference room Svetlana and Pavel Dubrovy held a special workshop for the most active distributors in September. More than 250 people took part in it. During the workshop the participants of Vision Voyage Morocco shared their unforgettable impressions and emotions about such an exclusive trip.

An unexpected, yet very pleasant part of the evening was the appearance of the president and his family. Margarita Buriak gave Svetlana and Pavel Dubrovy the fragrance Maroc №14. The President presented them with the Order of Guardian Glory III №1 and № 3 awards, which were specially made of silver and enamel in Stockholm. The participants of the ceremony could not hold back their tears of joy. Even more positive emotions were raised when the president himself gave qualification badges to two new VIPs. This evening yet again showed how important it is to attend such events personally. It is the only place where you can get unique knowledge from the leaders of the company, an emotional message, and enormous motivation for the future!