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Workshop for Leaders

The VISION leaders seminar took place on April 12–15, 2016, where the president and the main top leaders were in attendance. VIP 2S and higher level leaders from all over Russia, Europe, Vietnam, and the CIS countries, came to the seminar with a desire to find out about the company’s plans for development and the nearest prospects.

VISION has prepared a grand present for its leaders. The leaders seminar took place in one of the best hotels in Peterhof – the New Peterhof. Peterhof is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful ensembles of palace parks in the whole world. It is called the Russian Versailles for a reason. Each year, thousands of tourists from various corners of Russia and the world come to admire this extraordinary historical masterpiece. This year, an amazing opportunity was granted to VISION as well – to the leaders with a VIP 2S level and higher.

It is worth noting that the New Peterhof Hotel is established at the shore of the picturesque Olginov Lake, in front of the Higher Park of the Great Peterhof Palace. The windows provide an excellent panoramic view of the palace and the famous fountains, which were designed by Peter I himself. Needless to say, the obvious advantages were noticed by all of the participants of the leaders seminar.

In several days, the participants have listened to the president of VISION and the leaders giving speeches on the prospects of company development, exchanging their valuable experience and knowledge with the people, who were a part of the circle of the closest advisers of the president (called the the President’s Team) and who compiled the work and leader events schedule before hosting the Millennium 2016 jubilee event.

The leaders seminar started with a grandiose address to the leaders of VISION, given by Dmitrij Arkhadyevich Buryak, the president. First of all, the president presented the team of TOP leaders (the President’s Team) to the participants of the seminar, mentioned the global problems in the current economy (unstable markets, unemployment, currency fluctuation, and other) and the essential prospects that network marketing provides to many people, especially during a crisis. The president spoke of the main directions of company development in the nearest future. What is more, he directed the attention of the leaders at the global product development strategy, the introduction of new unique products, among which there is a new line of cosmetics. He also highlighted that it is necessary to expand the product line because the leaders will have a major business development opportunity because of it.

Moreover, the participants of the seminar also listened to valuable information presented by the top leaders of the company, who constitute the President’s Team. During the seminar, the advantages of the company’s new marketing plan (the diminishing of the financial load, the inclusion of clients into the business, the promotion of expansion, the development of the network, and others) were thoroughly analysed and the VIP-qualified leaders were shown the premiums for expansion (the Buster program), the advantages and the opportunities.

Last, but not least, one of the most important ending moments of the leaders seminar was the advertisement of the jubilee event, Millennium at Sochi, which was essentially organised by the advisers of the president, Ala and Oleg Adriychyuk.

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