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Guardsmen Workshop VIP 2S

"On June 5 and 6 I will summon the vanguard of the most purposeful and ambitious Visioners who are firmly determined to succeed using the latest strategic developments of the Company. This time our meeting will be held in a completely new online format which will bring together like-minded people regardless of distances or borders.
Each participant who has qualified for this event and thereby proven his right to enjoy the new opportunities from the Company among the first people, will get direct access to the main “gold reserves” of our business, the advanced information which when used properly, immediately turns into money.

One of the priorities of this coming Workshop in June is intensive study of the Company’s new strategic initiatives like the Auto Program, the Luxury Bonus and the Starmaker Bonus. The Guardsmen Workshop does not only aim at developing the existing content however; we will also have collective brainstorming which will first bring results to strategic decisions and then to the tangible future of the Company.

Without doubt, the main event of 2015, Millennium 2015, will be in the focus of attention during the Workshop in June. During our meeting I will lift the veil on what surprises await the delegates of the festivity in Vietnam to give additional impulse to the growing power of the promotion wave so that the participants of the seminar could act as the heralds of the most valuable and much-requested information for their distributors right after the Workshop.

I am confident that there is nothing as fascinating and prestigious as being part of this exciting and effective work. For this reason I am looking forward to meeting with those who have confirmed their title of a guardsman, and also with those who still have a chance to complete the qualification and join this elite squad of Vision.

Being a guardsman means acting and winning!"

President of Vision International People Group
Dmitriy Buryak

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