The image event “My mom is a distributor” went successfully!
The event “My mom is a distributor” turned all cities, towns and countries of Vision into one large presentation ground.
On the 7th March over 2,000 persons took part in the Event which presented the Company, its philosophy and business opportunities. Today, when the economic life is so unstable, the profession of distributor is in demand
Today Vision offers a business which makes people feel defensive and confident about the future. An honest, healthy and sustainable business.
Every person who joins Vision in March can take all opportunities offered by the Company, and above all, may become a part of the high-profile event of the year, Millenium, which will be held on the 10th – 11th October 2015 in Danang, Vietnam.
Guests of the event got a lot of useful information on the Company products, the DEM4 Laboratory and its employees, innovations in healthy nutrition.
All participants of the annual system promotion “The Warm November” have got special bracelets with the MISSIA Charitable Foundation’s logo and were thanked for their involvement in good cause and support of educational charitable programs.
We would like to thank all Vision distributors who were actively involved in arranging of the presentation event which demonstrated the Company’s capabilities and conducted an international dialogue.

Рига / Riga