The Company Announces a Special Promotion Mercedes
OrgaNice from the President


To participate in the promotion you have to meet the following requirements:

Being a constant OrgaNice participant from January to August 2015, i.e. each of these months ordering one of the OrgaNice programs (for new distributors joining the Company in the period from January to August 2015 — from the month of signing the contract until August inclusive).In the period between January and August building new organizations whose distributors recruit people for OrgaNice. New distributors are first-line distributors who sign the contract
between January and August 2015, and their organization distributors).

New first-level
distributors – 2 points

New second-level
distributors – 2 points

New third-level
distributors – 2 points

New fourth and lower-level
distributors – 1 point
  • Second order for OrgaNice set by a new distributor of any level –1 point.
  • Additional branch of recruiting new distributors with at least three levels down: + 2 points.
  • Additional branch of recruiting new distributors with 6 and more levels down: +5 points.
  • Personal order of each OrgaNice set between January and August 2015, starting with the second set: +2 points.
  • A client order, attributed to a distributor between January and August 2015: 2 points.
  • The level is determined by compressing new distributors who have bought OrgaNice.
  • A special offer for new distributors between January and August 2015. Signing in the first new distributor who is a participant of the OrgaNice program, they will get an additional Welcome Bonus — 2 points.
All distributors participating in the promotion will be divided regionally into four groups:


FOUR WINNERS (one in each group):
  • Will take part in VV2015 (Vietnam) in high category numbers.
  • Will take part in the drawing of Organice branded E-class Mercedes.
  • Distributors who will not win Mercedes will receive an iMac computer.
In case of several people with the same number of points the preference will be given to those distributors who will have a higher qualification during the promotion period, (the number of stars multiplied by the number of months), and in the case of persisting equal qualification – larger turnover at six levels in the period between January and August 2015.


The second and third places in each group (eight distributors) will receive:
  • Millennium Travel Bonus of 1000 Евро
  • MacBook Air on the stage of Millennium