VIP-Forum Moscow




On February 18 - 19, Vision VIP Forum, the first large scale corporate event of 2017, took place to gather over 600 participants from 18 countries in the Korolevsky Concert Hall, the Ostankino TV Tower.

VISION is happy to share a new success and achievements of VISION distributors with all friends.

More than 50 people, who have proceeded with their professional career at VISION, went up on the stage. There were fireworks displayed and champagne served to honor them.

New lucky winners accumulating bonuses on their accounts with the total amount approximated to €1M during merely a year joined those partners participating in the VISION automobile program "Drive your success".

Over 100 future participants of Vision Voyage incentive, that is a yearly complementary vacation awarded by the company, received useful souvenirs that will certainly make their December flight to the island of Mauritius much more comfortable. By the way, the indefatigable and omniscient VIP-Forum leaders reminded us that VISION partners had visited 23 countries, and 6,834 people had had journeys for twenty years.

Stunning results, noticeable working approaches, professional training taught by Vision top leaders, information on new products and bursts of vital energy coming from the stage to the hall and returning back in 600 times made this EVENT unforgettable and absolutely unique.

VISION SUMMIT will be even a greater event.
We are looking forward to seeing you at Crocus City Hall, August 19-20, 2017 

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