VIP-Forum Moscow - Ho Chi Minh

4 to 5



18 to 19


Ho Chi Minh

No doubt, this event will be the starting point of a new age of Vision's business history. At the Lithuanian seminar, the Guardsmen together with President developed a new business concept that will be comprehensively presented in Moscow and Ho Chi Minh. This even is and will be widely discussed but I would add that President, the Marketing Department, the Development Unit - the entire resource is employed to prepare the new beginning. And each participant of the VIP-Forum will get on a new step of their business. As you know, the tickets to the Forum were sold out in the afternoon next day after the release date. Such things have never happened before...

M.Buryak, Head of the Development Unit

On 4 and 5 April in Moscow and on 18 and 19 April in Ho Chi Minh, the VIP Forum will take place to become the foundation stone of Vision's new history.

At the VIP-Forum you will learn about the Company's new business offer that will enable young people to easily join us and have a shot at our business with minimal startup investment, not more than pocket-money.

Ambitious businessmen will be given a serious business program to return invested funds by inviting only three persons, and multiply their money later on.

We will voice that the leaders of star qualifications slightly excelling their qualification minimum may, as soon as this year, get a car by joining the Company's program "Car Program - Change Your Transportation Option!"

The Company's avant-garde, President's immediate environment, will appraise Luxury Bonus, a unique program demonstrating how Vision changes its distributors' life quality!

Only a company with such history and market reputation as Vision may afford, today, to make you an offer that will give you undeniable advantages on the MLM market of Russia, Europe, and Vietnam!

The both days of VIP-Forum will be devoted to the presentation and operation training for Vision's new business application.

Qualification requirements for both days of the event are VIP and higher in January or February or March 2015.

Bio-In sale for all participants of the VIP-Forum!

The Bio-In program will be available for purchase during the VIP Forum Moscow – Ho Chi Minh which will take place in Moscow on the 4th – 5th April

A special Bio-In shop will be opened in the “Planet KVN” building for the Company distributors.

Each participant of the event will be able to buy the required number of programs.