Pavel and Svetlana Dubrovy
Chief Presidential Advisors
Our goal is to achieve much faster development of the organization. To do so we organize events: not only to get some information but, what is most important, – to hear people’s stories and confirmation of the fact that you can do it, as these stories are real.
Oleg and Alla andryichuk
Chief Presidential Advisors
The most important thing is to learn how to sell ideas. Learn to create in people’s minds visions of the fantastic future waiting for them when they enter Vision Company.

Lam Hoang Phong
Member of the Vision Millionaire Club, Presidential Guardian,
VIP Master
Company events are the places where you get the most valuable knowledge from leaders. Turn your knowledge into money!
Tran Thanh Tuyen
Presidential Guardian,
Always smile. Your confidence, your passion along with precious knowledge that you got and excitement coming from the heart make all people follow you!
Nguyen Thanh Son
Member of the Vision Millionaire Club, Presidential Guardian,
VIP Master,
Your business development rate directly depends on number of people from Your team that you will bring to the VIP-Forum with you!
Dr Elmantas Pocevicius
Director on Research & Development at the DEM4 laboratory
In OrgaNice line we have created brand new exclusive Bio-IN program. It includes fifth generation beneficial bacteria that restore organism balance. Special functional synbiotics are divided into several types and take care of different problems of the organism.