The magnificent Grand Ballroom of Daewoo Hotel will open its doors to the guests of the evening
at 19.00

Dmitry Buriak President of VISION Company
Margarita Buriak
 Head of VISION development department, President of MISSIA Foundation

The Charity dinner will be held in Hanoi on November 22

This status even will unite the distributors of the Company with the social figures and business people of Vietnam.

The dress code is White tie.

Dmitry, Margarita and Lidia Buryak will be delighted to greet all those who share the philosophy of philanthropy.

A charity auction will be held in the framework of the Charity dinner; valuable lots with “history” will be offered at the auction.

After the Charity initiative, the Founder of the Missia Charity Foundation Margarita Buryak will talk about the purpose of the donations; they will be used for the treatment of three disabled children from the Ba Vi Rehabilitation center in Hanoi.

The center is a state institution, it was founded in 1976; the center looks after disabled children of the northern provinces in Vietnam.

At the moment about 200 children suffer the consequences of cerebral palsy, constrained limbs movement, mental deficiency, bad hearing, autism, “Agent Orange” chemical injuries.

The Charity dinner will unite the people from different countries of different languages in the atmosphere of kindness and one goal.

The status event’s guests are going to enjoy pleasant surprises and be greeted and appreciated by the top leaders of Vision.

To make a donation and get an invitation letter for the Charity dinner, please contact TK Vietnam.