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In his strategic address at Millenium 2009 Dmitry Buriak, the Company President, defined the global and world-wide responsibility of the Company in the following way:

"Where does the humanity now find itself in its striving to live long and happily? Let us look at the Report on the world situation with health care for 2008. There are five main problems for medicine:
  • National health care expenditures favor the rich and not the poor.
  • Annually over 100 million people fall into want due to the necessity of paying for medical services.
  • The principle of a comprehensive approach to the human health has been disrupted. The human being as a system is not considered any longer. Instead, he or she is farmed out to narrow medical specialists.
  • Contemporary medicine is unable to ensure any standards or safety and elementary hygiene. The death rate among patients due to intrahospital infections and wrongly prescribed medications is growing.
  • Medical aid is now focused on quite expensive services to the detriment of prevention and the healthy lifestyle promotion that could have reduced the burden of diseases by 70%.
The problems in the health care sphere all over the world are evident. What is the health situation for the population in the Central and Eastern Europe? 

The country with the lowest life expectancy in Europe is Russia. Men live for just 57 years. While in Iceland the life span is 79.5 years. It is 22 and one half years longer! Kazakhstan is the second worst. And Ukraine is the last but two. 

Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan are main markets for Vision in the post-Soviet territory. Our product is in great demand there. 

Let us note another indicator – the share of smokers among adults: in Ukraine it is 62%, in Russia – 61%. Any comments are superfluous. Together with the increasing shortage of health and growing medication prices the value of our healthy product strengthens steadfastly. 

In the entire world, the US and Russia included, the population rapidly grows older. While over milleniums the numbers of young people in the human society have significantly exceeded the numbers of the elders, by 2011 the situation will become diametrically opposite. The numbers of older people will grow prevalent and not just in developed countries but in the developing ones as well, such as India and China. The world can gradually turn into a nursing home for the aged.

At the same time, life expectancy in developed countries begins to get lower little by little. Not only the environment threatens people today but their numerous bad habits as well, totally improper diets of modified products and fast food. New generations having already become victims of obesity in their childhood will enter their adult life with unprecedented risks for their health, so in 10 or 15 years we may witness the shocking reduction of life expectancy in most seemingly problem-free countries. 

Developing our healthy business we are confident that the Wellness industry will grow explosively in the nearest future. And the Wellness industry itself, initially associated with fitness clubs, will have a new face. And that face is the network marketing. This was persuasively stated by Paul Pilzer, advisor to the American Presidents, in his epochal study The Next Trillion. 

Let us ask ourselves, when does a person start to care for his or her health, to take bioactive food supplements?

Most likely, as they say in Russia, only when the hard times are there, in the form of some disease. 

And when does a person start to look for alternative employment? The same is true, when the hard times of unemployment arrive. 

We see that in the global crisis epoch the circumstances are such that those hard time have unexpectedly come from two directions at once. It is even more so, since diseases and unemployment rarely appear one at a time. When you have lost your health, you cannot care about work. And the loss of a job will inevitably affect your health. 

The health market works for us. But the labor market also works for us. We see it on the basis of the data from another respectable organization.

It is the International Labor Organization. 

In the early 2009 the International Labor Organization published an indicative document titled Global Employment Trends. It deals with consequences of the current economic crisis. Among them are widespread enterprise bankruptcies and dismissals of employees. 

What does unemployment mean? It means falling into a social abyss. The longer a person lacks a job, the harder it becomes for him or her to find a job in the future. Having been separated with his or her accustomed set the unemployed, like it or not, begins to degrade socially. And any chances of getting back turn illusory.

Work occupies the greatest place in a person's life. And it has a tremendous influence on the personal, family and social life. Lack of work is the main cause of poverty and social instability. So, what can we expect from the labor market, when the current crisis is the worst since the 1930's? 

In the January International Labor Organization report the prognosis for the unemployment rise in the world was included. According to that prognosis, the number of the unemployed was to amount in 2009 to about 231 million people. But already the first months of the year demonstrated that the real situation was much worse and it was developing pursuant to the worst scenario. 

When we look at those figures, we understand that millions of people in the world will inevitably choose the network marketing. We invite you to join us. We offer you the Vision business. Free. Dynamic. Daring. Profitable. Our business offer is an excellent way out (or, more precisely, way in!) for all those millions of earthlings rejected by the traditional labor market. 

Our prestige earned in the years of work is based on hundreds of thousands of regained health cases, on tens of thousands of acquired financial independence stories.

This is the unblemished reputation of the amazingly humane company officially recognized by such institutions as the , the International Labor Organization and the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Our history includes the lives of thousands of children for whom the reality has become brighter thanks to the tireless philanthropical activities that the Company carries out not in the performance of its duty but whole-heartedly. 

The Company's strategy for the next 5 years is aimed at making it possible for the person who is now called the distributor for Vision to earn a growing income while engaging in his or her main function – communication. 

The Company's activities constitute a contribution to the great cause of rearing the healthy generation, of forming the healthy and financially secure society."