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“I created this company and I handed it over to the people. I did this because our main asset lies in the human being. Every aspect of humankind is determined by one thing and that thing is called - Life. The essence of Vision does not lay in the ethnicity of our business model or in the unique formulas of the most effective product. Vision’s main aspect lays in our foundation, in the core of our company’s philosophy. Improving the quality of life of humanity – this is our mission. It is our ideological platform without which the Vision Company is unimaginable."

Dmitry Buriak started his career as a geologist. In the 80's he was among the first private entrepreneurs, an innovator by nature, he was amongst the trailblazers of his time. His passion for life and striking intelligence made him one of the most significant figures in the USSR amongst the metallurgical industry in 1990. By the age of 30 he had it all – a gorgeous family that he loved dearly, a nice home, a business that was bringing him good income, a stable position in society…
But all this was on the verge of being lost, together with his own life. 

Slowly regaining consciousness after a serious car accident he realized that the most valuable thing in a person's life was the life itself. Since then he has fully devoted himself to the welfare of humanity. This is how in 1996 Vision became the only company in the world that claimed health to be the harmony of the spiritual, physical, intellectual and social quality of life.

A Visionaire is someone who is not worried about having to decide because he knows that he does not have to face having to choose between two opposites: his career or his family, high income or a cozy workplace, naughty pleasures or good health. Vision’s mission is not based on a common compromise between two opposites, nor our aim is to find the golden balance, our spirit lays in possessing a combination of opposites in their full capacities.

Vision’s multi-level-marketing structure is built on a new social foundation, where every success is directly proportional to your personal success. Vision independent Life Quality Managers are the building blocks of the future in which our children and our grandchildren will one day live. A new force is emerging in the world, the force that is strong enough to oppose to social regression. The greatest power lays in the unification of people, centralized around a common goal. We call this: Vision’s Healthy Social Network.

Since 1996 Vision has attracted hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who have made their conscious choice in favor of a healthy lifestyle. Vision has proved itself to be a global company with a strong identity that represents trust, efficiency and top quality products. Today Vision has become a mighty and mature living organism that continues to change lives.