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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on a person's deliberate choice made in favor of a healthy lifestyle, entitled as the Whole Health Option. It is based on recognizing that health is the highest value of a human beings existence, where health is described as the harmony of the physical, spiritual, intellectual and social quality of life. The conditions in which a modern person lives are proven to have an unfavorable effect on health. Hidden sugars, GMO’s, advanced glycation end products (AGEs), that we often consume without realizing, the toxic gases in the air we breath, radiation from surrounding technology, airplanes, stress, may all leave an imprint on our wellbeing. Some are so serious they are impossible to turn back. Good news is that still much of what determines the human health situation is in our control. For instance, clean diet, monitoring of sleeping patterns, one's social circle and so on. All this is the result of an individual choice made by the person on the basis of the persons personal value system. It is that value system that defines the person's behavior, his or her habits, and current priorities; overall, this is what makes up your lifestyle. 

The Whole Health Option is each individual’s personal choice. But making this choice single-handedly is not easy – help of like-minded people is necessary, since quite often a person has to make that choice in the unhealthy information environment, for instance, haunted by ads or marketing campaigns, flaunting by various claims such as gluten-free, sugar-free, low-fat, dairy free, that may not always be real and may lead to personal image distortion and later to health implications. To withstand such "marketing tyranny" is only possible with the support of a like-minded community of innovators, leaders and influential members of our society, who have already made their deliberate choice in favor of their health. Today millions of people around the world can be thankful to Vision’s independent Quality of Life managers, because they are conductors of our values that they later perceive into the world, we also believe that they are today’s trendsetters and upholders of the Whole Health Option philosophy for their help in making the proper choice. In this way, by creating the community of "health achievers" the Company is doubling its supporters, the people who will project and carry our life-changing philosophy into the world.