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Our Markets

The presence of the official Company's representative office in a certain area requires meeting a number of mandatory conditions:

  • Guaranteeing absolutely legitimate terms and conditions for the distributors' work.
  • Providing support for the distributors' work in the local media as well as by publishing relevant printed matter in the language of the country.
  • Organizing a legally accredited representative office of Vision in the country.
  • Covering the country with the full-scale GOS system (providing E-trading and the product delivery).

The trading company is, first of all, a comfortable home for each distributor for and each client of Vision. 
In addition to the functions performed by the Company's Representative office, certain other services are available there:

  • It is a full-fledged logistics center with the autonomous warehousing facilities.
  • It is a stylishly decorated trading floor.
  • It is an opportunity for getting the Vision products right after ordering and on paying for them.

Find out the address of the Vision office near you in the Contacts page.