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The Company's History

July 14, 1996 – official opening of Vision in Russia
October 27, 1996 - official opening of Vision in Italy

November 22, 1997 - official opening of Vision in Kazakhstan
Grand Voyage to Mauritius with the Company's President participating.

June 13, 1998 - official opening of Vision in Ukraine
August 3, 1998 – opening of the Department for Services to Distributors (DRD)
December 8, 1998 – the Nutripharma factory (Ireland) opening

January 19, 1999 – the first issue of the People's Planet corporate magazine published
April 18, 1999 - official opening of Vision in Lithuania
August 29, 1999 – Millenium 99, presentation of the new Direct Hit product line.
Grand Voyage by the Company to the Dominican Republic

Opening trading companies in Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Khabarovsk (Russia), in Odessa and Kharkov (Ukraine), in Pavlodar (Kazakhstan), Sofia (Bulgaria), Riga (Latvia).
April 7, 2000 - official opening of Vision in Latvia
April 9, 2000 - official opening of Vision in Belarus
July 2, 2000 - official opening of Vision in Bulgaria, in Hungary, in Poland, in Czechia
September 30, 2000 – the first "Health Day" that was organized by the Company
November 2000 – Vision International People Group PJC established
Grand Voyage to Egypt.

February 5, 2001 – opening of the Trading House on Aviamotornaya Street in Moscow
Opening of trading companies in St. Petersburg (Russia), in Minsk (Belarus)
September 2, 2001 - official opening of Vision in Uzbekistan
Grand Voyage by the Company to Thailand.

May 25, 2002 – opening of the Vision Caucasus trading company in Krasnodar (Russia)
August 17-18, 2002 – Millenium. Presentation and sales commencement of Triovital
October 6-13, 2002 – Voyage to / Master class in Spain.
December 5, 2002 - official opening of Vision in Vietnam

January 19-24, 2003 – President's Education Party in Lithuania
April 15 – opening of a trading company in Kazan (Republic of Tatarstan, Russia)
August 16-17 – Millenium in Krasnoyarsk (Russia)
August 20-21 – Millenium in St. Petersburg (Russia)
August 23-24 – Millenium in Kiev (Ukraine)
September 6-7 – Millenium in Almaty (Kazakhstan)
October 3-10 – Road training session for leaders in Abu Dhabi (UAE)
December 13-14 – opening of Vision – Asia

January 29 – President's New Year Ball
March 5 – opening a of trading company in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)
August 20 – Vision Spartakiad in Moscow (Russia)
August 21-22 – Millenium, presentation of the Family Hit line
October 21-28 – Grand Voyage to Sri Lanka

January 22 – President's Golden Ball in St. Petersburg (Russia)
April 13 – the first corporate television broadcast
May 5-6 – Assembly of Network Entrepreneurs held in Moscow (Russia)
July 26 - official opening of Vision in Turkey
Official opening of the Vision trading companies in Tashkent (Uzbekistan), in Bucharest (Romania)
November 1-19 – Vision Marathon in St. Petersburg, Sofia, Novosibirsk, Ho Chi Minh City, Riga, Kazan, Kiev, Alma-Ata, Khabarovsk

January 16 – Inauguration Party in Moscow (Russia)
January 19-27 – Grand Voyage to Brazil
February 11-12 – Training session for Masters in Moscow (Russia)
February 12-15 Assembly of Cities in Moscow (Russia)
Opening of trading companies in Yerevan (Armenia), Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine), Nizhniy Novgorod, Khabarovsk, Irkutsk, Volgograd (Russia)
April 15 – May 14 – Vision Marathon in Nizhniy Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Kharkov, Irkutsk, Warsaw, Hanoi, Sofia, Krasnodar, Tashkent
August 5-6 – Millenium 2006, sales of Millenium Alliance cosmetics start
November 4-26 – Vision Marathon in St. Petersburg, Vilnius, Krasnoyarsk, Ho Chi Minh City, Odessa, Istanbul, Yerevan. Alma-Ata, Prague, Khabarovsk

February 7-17 Grand Voyage to Cuba
February 19 – Training session for millionaires
April 14 – May 20 – Vision Marathons in Minsk, Novosibirsk, Cologne, Tashkent, Da Nang, Bucharest, Kiev, Yekaterinburg, Moscow, Krasnodar
Opening of trading companies in Ufa, Vladivostok, Omsk (Russia), in Da Nang (Vietnam), Baku (Azerbaijan), Donetsk (Ukraine), Belgrade (Serbia)
December 10-16 - Grand Voyage to the Seychelles

March 8-9 – Training session for Millionaires' Club in Budapest
March 22-23 - Training session for Millionaires' Club in Krasnoyarsk
March 23-24 - Training session for Millionaires' Club in Moscow
June 7-8 – Vision's 10th anniversary in Kiev
September 6 – President's Grand Reception – Star Party
September 7-14 – Grand Voyage to Tunisia
November 22 – opening of a trading company in Samara (Russia)
December 2-12 – Grand Voyage to South Africa

January 31 – February 1 – European seminar in Warsaw
February 22-23 – Training session for millionaires in Moscow
July – sales of S2C commence
September 2-12 – Vision Voyage Cruise (with opening the representative office in Finland)
November 6 – opening of the representative office in Lisbon
December 12 – opening of the Vision Egypt trading company

February 22-23 – the first major business forum in the NetWork Revolution series held in Moscow.
On March 27-28 the Second NetWork Revolution Event was held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
On May 15-16, 2010 The First Vision Without Borders European Event was held in Berlin, Germany.
On May 19-24 the road NetWork Revolution Tour seminar for Vision Forwards was held in Turkey.
August 21-22 – Millenium 2010 "It`s my life!
October 10-19 - Vision Voyage to Hainan Island, China.
December 15-16 – Hanoi (Vietnam) – Celebration of the 8th anniversary of the Vision Representative Office operations in the country, the Company President attending the event.

January – sales launch of LCBalance.
February – sales launch of Granatin Q10.
March 6-7 – the First Business Forum in Moscow.
March 12-13 – the First Business Forum in Warsaw.
May 22-28 – the road seminar for Vision Leaders in Turkey.
August 6-7 – the 15th Golden Jubilee Millenium in Moscow.
August – sales launch of the new D i Guard nano product.
September – sales launch of the new Healthy Kiss product.
September 22-28 - Vision Voyage to UAE, Atlantis Hotel.

February 7-11 – Vision XXI Conference.
March – New product, EnjoyNT bioactive food supplement, sales launch.
April 7 – Special website of the Life Quality Study Project came online.
April – Millenium NEO Gel sales launch.
April – May – "Star Marathon".
September 9-13 – Exclusive seminar with the President attending, for VIP 3S and higher leaders, in Switzerland.
September 15-16 – Special training session by Chief Advisors to the President in Crocus City Hall.
November 15-25 – Vision Voyage to Mexico.
November 22-23 – Millenium 2012 in the framework of the Vision Voyage. 

February 18-22 – «With Vision Vanguard!» seminar 

February – PentActiv bracelet sales launch 

April 13-14 – 10th anniversary of Vision in Kazan 

April 26-28 – «Wind of Change» seminar in Novosibirsk 

April – HeparD food supplement sales launch 

May – VenoStrong food supplement sales launch 

June 8 – 15th anniversary of Vision in Ukraine 

July – I’MAgeQ mask sales launch 

July – VenoStrong gel sales launch
September 12-13 – The QoL Convention held n Moscow.
September 15-22 – Vision Voyage-Greece.
September 21 – "Breakfast with the President" in over 60 cities of the world.
October – LiveLon'+ food supplement sales launch.
November – "Leaders' Tour" in Irkutsk, Togliatti, Krasnodar, Sofia, Riga, Khabarovsk.
November – Sales launch of S2D Program in Vietnam.
December 7 – Launch of the "Vision Morocco New Year Tree".
December – I’MAgeQ sales launch in Russia.

January 12-13 – Guards' seminar for VIP 3S and higher qualifications.
January 17-18 – "Leaders' Tour" in Kiev.
February – Deecleance sales launch.
February 1-2 – The 9th "Christmas Dream" International Festival held.
February 10 – "My Mother Is a Distributor" children drawing contest started.